What is the best Shopify plan to choose?

In this article, we will explain which is the best Shopify plan so that you can make a more assertive choice. The most sensible option for anyone looking to start a new online store is the $19/month Basic plan. With the Basic plan, you will be able to get to know all the features you might need and also handle payments and the technical back-end (programming) of your store.

If you so desire, you can connect a custom domain name to your store (buy it from Shopify and/or import it from a third-party domain registrar). Otherwise, your store will be available at something like examplesubdomain.myshopify.com. If you need a company that specializes in Shopify, you can count on us! Click here to find out about our available plans.

Which is the best Shopify plan to choose?

As part of the $19/month price, you get access to:

  • Shopify Online Store Module,
  • The Point of Sale (POS) system (allowing you to collect payments offline via an iPad),
  • The Facebook and Pinterest modules (sell directly on Facebook and Pinterest),
  • The Shopify Buy Button – allowing you to add a custom buy button on any website (not necessarily your online store).
  • The Shopify transaction fees are worth mentioning here. While it’s not part of the price, if you’re not using Shopify Payments, you’ll be charged the subscription transaction fee on all orders processed on your store. To learn more about Shopify transaction fees, chat with an expert.

Is Shopify easy and simple to use?

In today’s online space, every tool out there promotes itself as “easy to use”. But few really are. The hard part about being user-friendly is that a really user-friendly platform has to be used from day one, not once you invest hours of your time learning about it. In this way, anything could be labeled “easy to use”.

The Shopify platform doesn’t share the integration issues or server outages or slowdowns. You don’t need to be a Shopify expert to get set up, and you can easily launch an online store in a matter of minutes.

In addition, the platform offers an online store structure, so instead of building a store piece by piece, you can just tweak the pieces that are already there (tweak them to your liking), but essentially the core of the platform works immediately about it in a minute).

You can choose from ready-made designs on Shopify, so you don’t need to have any prior design skills. The templates are also automatically responsive in design, which means the site will be optimized for mobiles, desktops, and tablets. If you need a custom layout for Shopify, you can count on our solutions.

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