3 tips to grow your Instagram

Captivating and growing the number of followers organically on Instagram is no simple task. It’s quite hard work and it takes time and it takes dedication and resilience. But it is by no means impossible. Many professionals started without putting a penny into Instagram ads! And, this is also possible for brands. However, despite being more difficult, growing organically has some advantages.

The engagement rate for organic content, especially native content, tends to be super positive. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have the most qualified followers possible! They are those people who had a real interest in clicking the “follow” button. The positive consequence of having this type of followers is engagement! For this, discover 3 tips to grow your Instagram!

Tips to grow your Instagram

1 – Know your target audience and develop exclusive content

First, you need to think about identifying prospects and potential customers with your brand. You’re going to post appropriate content and hope they like it and are influenced by it, right? If you are selling wedding rings, for example, teenagers may not be the most appropriate audience. They might even refer you to someone, but targeting dating and engaged couples is a much better and more efficient strategy in terms of conversion.

For this reason, first understand who is the audience you want to engage and bring to your personal or business profile on Instagram, what the prospect is looking for and what is the best way to talk to him! This will impact your editorial lines, communication tone, image style, regularity, and posting times.

2 – Include hashtags that increase your organic reach on Instagram

Another important recommendation is the use of correct hashtags in your posts. It is important to emphasize that it is no use using 50 random hashtags and that’s it. It is necessary to use the right hashtags, referring to the ad, and not exaggerating. We recommend that you use a maximum of 5 hashtags, following the following strategy: the first hashtag related to your product or service; the second related to the moment and that is related to your product (it can be an event hashtag, day of the week, mood, #tbt, among others); the third hashtag for contextualization (if the post mentions digital marketing, use, for example, the hashtag #digitalmarketing if the topic is related to fashion, use #fashion); the fourth action hashtag (this could be a hashtag like #release, #promotion, #news); and the fifth and last about positioning, or branding (example: #brand).

3 – Use emojis in the captions and description of your publications

Most users use emojis and/or easily recognize the functionality of emojis. For this reason, when faced with a smiley face in the middle of the text, users tend to think that it was written by someone else, right? This humanization is super important, including for the other interactions, in addition to resulting in a balance in the descriptive text.

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