About Us

Making a difference is our motto.

We create solutions in the present to revolutionize the future.

We create solutions in the present to revolutionize the future.

TFX was officially founded by Juan de Souza, at the age of 16 on January 23, 2016, during high school in Brazil. During that period, several technical problems were identified from close people and from other companies around the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the same problems that Juan faced at the time.

It was at that moment that the idea of creating a complete solution that solved these problems with style came up and, in a short time, our first product focused on the Cloud Computing market appeared: Blenner (actually TFX Cloud), which in turn resulted in our company and other branches and differentiated services for our customers.

Currently, TFX has a very robust and vast range of products and services, aiming to meet the demands of local and international customers in 2 languages. We are references with our cloud solutions, data and project security, virtual store, services, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, big data, database and payments.


Our mission

TFX’s mission is to provide, in addition to innovation, growth conditions for our customers based on affordable investments, excellent service, with agility and efficiency, so that the satisfaction with which we work is always present. We always value the best possible.


Our vision

TFX’s vision is to become a company of choice for our customers, reaching a new level of excellence on a daily basis in order to be not only a reference in the market, but, above all, the reference in the entire international market in 4 languages.


Our values

We respect all our customers. We trust in our team and in all the commitment and also in our management. We seek innovation. We are passionate about technology. We appreciate the quality. We value honesty. We work efficiently to achieve effectiveness.

Corporate differentials

Processes we take into account

Appropriate solutions

We have unique solutions for you and your business to expand online.

Global scalability

Regardless of your needs, your project will be highly scalable with us.

B2B, B2S, and B2C

We have more solutions for various niches and segments of the global market.