About Us

Making a difference is our motto.

We create solutions in the present to revolutionize the future.

We create solutions in the present to revolutionize the future.

At TFX, we are more than just a technology company; we are the embodiment of innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Founded on January 23, 2016, by Juan de Souza during his high school days in Brazil, TFX has grown into a reference in providing precision-driven, customized, and targeted solutions.

Juan de Souza’s passion for technology sparked the inception of TFX US, a journey that began with determination and a dream. Originating in Brazil, TFX has flourished into a renowned company with an unyielding commitment to its clients, delivering innovative and tailored digital solutions.

Our mission at TFX US is clear: to empower our clients with digital solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. We understand the dynamic nature of the digital realm, and we leverage our profound expertise to provide innovative solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve.

What sets TFX apart is our unwavering commitment to precision and customization. Every solution we provide is meticulously crafted to suit the unique needs of our clients. We believe in the power of tailoring our services to ensure they align perfectly with your objectives, giving you an edge in the digital landscape.

Since our inception, TFX has had the privilege of working with thousands of customers worldwide. Our commitment to excellence has led to countless success stories, making us a trusted partner for businesses and organizations seeking to thrive in the digital age.


Our mission

TFX’s mission is to provide, in addition to innovation, growth conditions for our customers based on affordable investments, excellent service, with agility and efficiency, so that the satisfaction with which we work is always present. We always value the best possible.


Our vision

TFX’s vision is to become a company of choice for our customers, reaching a new level of excellence on a daily basis in order to be not only a reference in the market, but, above all, the reference in the entire international market in 2 languages: English and Spanish.


Our values

We respect all our customers. We trust in our team and in all the commitment and also in our management. We seek innovation. We are passionate about technology. We appreciate the quality. We value honesty. We work efficiently to achieve effectiveness.

Our differentials

Doing our best. Ever.

Appropriate solutions

We have unique solutions for you and your business to expand online.

Global scalability

Regardless of your needs, your project will be highly scalable with us.

B2B, B2S, and B2C

We have more solutions for various niches and segments of the global market.