Copyright Policy


TFX responds to copyright-related complaints submitted pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Section 512 of the DMCA outlines the statutory requirements for filing a formal complaint of copyright infringement and provides instructions on how an affected party can appeal a takedown by submitting a counter-notification of the complaint.

In addition, our company responds directly to complaints of copyright infringement, among the most common, such as, for example, allegations regarding the unauthorized use of a copyrighted image, such as a profile or cover photo, or of an image or copyrighted video uploaded through our media hosting (“TFX Cloud” used as “data processing” of our products as a platform) services, or articles that contain links to allegedly infringing material.

How to proceed with the Complaint?

If you are unsure whether you own the rights to a particular work, please consult a lawyer or other professional, as TFX does not provide legal advice and/or follow-up. There are several resources where you can learn more about copyright law, including and, and to mention some of the best-known and most authentic in the international field.

Submission of Information to the DMCA

Before submitting a claim alluding to copyright on any of our products and services, please note whether it falls under the concept of fair use (known as “Fair Use” in the United States of America). If you consider proper use and still wish to continue the claim alluding to copyright, contact the user in question registered on one of our platforms to find out all the possibilities to remedy the situation directly with him, if possible.

Before submitting a formal complaint to the TFX, please be aware that under 17 U.S. Code § 512, you may be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by TFX or our users if you knowingly misrepresent that material or activity is infringing and/or infringing (if applicable). If you are unsure whether the material you are reporting is, in fact, infringing, please consult an attorney before filing a notice with us.

Configured Products and their Responsibilities

In certain products, such as, for example: “TFX Cloud”, a platform for the Cloud Computing sector, any information entered by the customer who makes use of our service is the sole responsibility of the same, as provided for in each EULA (Terms and Conditions of Use) of each product and service available in our company. This information is important to explain the rights and duties. Our company is not responsible for the content published by its respective customers, users, and partners. However, if there is indeed a violation by users and/or customers, for example, we will investigate through the notification to verify the request.