Quality Policy


TFX has several procedures in place to ensure maximum quality. By creating our quality policy, we reiterate our commitment to the parties involved: customers, partners, and end users. As in other aspects of our company, our quality control ensures that we have an ideal direction to make the right decisions regarding future hiring, prioritizing products, services, and projects, or even terminating contracts and strategies to achieve new results. (known to us as “pivots”). As a result, our quality policy, present here and duly formalized following our compliance, helps us to make decisions about processes, products, services, projects, and some MVPs, aiming at our values, objectives, and international scale.

Definitions of our Quality Policy

Currently, our quality policy has the following perspectives:

  • Ensure our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, as well as the quality of our products, services, and supported projects;
  • Respect our client’s total individuality, strengthening the relationship through the segmentation present in our company (Personal and Business) and contributing for it to be perceived by him as a benchmark of performance and efficiency, so that TFX is the first base of relationship with the digital scope and so-called “Premium” solutions;
  • Ensure continuous and increasingly proactive leadership, with a commitment to the development and implementation of the TFX Quality Management System, in meeting its requirements and in its constant improvement;
  • Constantly guarantee the undertaking of actions of a sustainable nature, emphasizing ethical conduct, the well-being of the employees who are on the team, social development, and respect for the environment (sustainability);
  • Seek more and more to pioneer the highest technology in the international market, developing efficient means to reach the customer and process operations in a safe and uninterrupted way, constantly investing in innovation and development of new products, services, and projects with social and entrepreneurial causes.