TFX Rewards Rules


TFX Rewards” is a TFX Rewards Program, on behalf of our company TFX US Company, LLC, headquartered at 2880 W Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 225C, ZIP Code 33311, Florida/FL, in the United States of America (referred to as as “we”, “our” or “TFX” below). Participation in the Program is subject to these terms and conditions (“Terms”), and capitalized words not expressly defined in these Terms shall have the same meaning as is ascribed to them.

Our company offers Products and Services called Solutions and includes our solutions hub, for individuals and companies through segmentation, delimiting the target audience and who are using our solutions in accordance with the item in sequence of this regulation. The use of our Rewards Program known as “TFX Rewards” implies full and unrestricted acceptance of this regulation.


TFX Rewards“, formerly “Membership Program”, is our Rewards Program valid for individual customers and legal entities, who carry out activation, migration, or portability of our Products and Services or base customers who are already in these offers with active status, in good standing and who adhere to this Rewards Program.

If the customer is classified as in default, membership will be temporarily suspended until the outstanding debts are normalized. If necessary, the customer may request the Flexible Renegotiation Limit (subject to review and approval), to renegotiate their outstanding debts for normalization and immediately re-establish TFX Rewards again. The Rewards Program is valid for all our customers, safeguarding the availability of certain benefits in some countries and regions by partner and accredited companies.

How to Earn Points

The Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards“) – the former “Membership Program” has a very practical, safe, and simple system for accumulating and redeeming points. The redeemable points (“Redeemable Points“), are described for reaching the limits set forth herein, and can be exchanged for the rewards available in the Rewards Program. In turn, ranking points (“Rank Points“) determine to which Program tier a Program Member will belong (the “Redeemable Points” and “Rank Points” will be treated, when taken together, simply as “Rank Points”). “).

Products and ServicesEligible Points
TFX Cloud1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX eCommerce1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Apps1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Ads1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Marketing1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX CRM1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Plus1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX AI1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Services1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Security1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Podcasters1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €
TFX Pay1.0 Eligible Point for every $1.00 USD, R$ 1,00 BRL, or EUR 1.00 €


Points have no monetary value. Points will be acquired when payment is made for a valid transaction made with TFX (via “App“, “Website“, “Blog“, “WhatsApp” or “Email“) or a valid order placed in Market Place is processed by TFX along with your payment method for that transaction. Currently, Redeemable Points and Rank Points are earned simultaneously, however, in the future, there may be some actions or other types of transactions that only accumulate one type of point. Any and all changes must be expressly informed at least 45 (forty-five) days in advance to all TFX Rewards members (the “Program”).

Associated with TFX+

Customers associated with TFX+ will have automatic access to TFX Rewards+ (“Rewards Program+”). With this modality, our associated customer accumulates boosted points that never expire in less time. In the table below, is the relationship in the Regulation of the Program the relationship of Turbocharged Score. The associated customer can also consult this information through the Customer Area. However, all our customers who reach the equivalent monthly target (30 days, thirty days) will have their points boosted with the bonus percentage according to the eligible range, without the need to belong to the TFX+ program.

TFX Rewards+Boost Score Benefit
Up to $1,000.00 USD/monthEligible Score (without bonus accruals) = Final Point Value
From $1,001.00 USD to $3,000.00 USD/monthEligible Score + 1.5% of the Total Value = Final Points Value
From $3,001.00 USD to $4,999.00 USD/monthEligible Score + 3.2% of the Total Value = Final Points Value
Amounts in over $5,000.00 USD/monthEligible Score + 6.0% of the Total Value = Final Points Value

Program Benefits

Benefits for Members of the Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards”) are privileges granted to Members and are different depending on the Level of the Program they are in (“Benefits”). Rewards Program Benefits are awarded at TFX’s sole discretion and may change with each new Benefit Category. Program Benefits are redeemable for Required Points and have no cash value. Details, terms, and limitations of Program Benefits can be found in the Rewards Program Benefits Terms, which are incorporated into these Terms. Rewards Program Benefits, once earned, can only be used in eligible countries, namely: the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, England, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Australia, and Japan.

How to view your Points balance

Members of the Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards”) can view, at any time, their balance and the Benefits offered within the Client Area page, located in the “Benefits” tab. If you believe that your Points balance is incorrect, you must report your issue before the end of the month by contacting our Support Center (“Support”) as indicated in the “Contact Us” section. If TFX agrees that a correction is needed, this can take up to 72 hours. Failure to provide the required documentation may result in the inability to award Points. For verification, you must keep all automated emails received until your Points are credited to your Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards”) Account.

Expiration of Accumulated Points

All points accumulated and duly credited to your Rewards Program Account (“TFX Rewards”) do not expire but may be suspended in the event of violations of the TFX Rewards Regulations or Cancellation by the customer. If the customer uses our solutions again, the points will be duly reinstated upon request through our Support Center (“Support”) – a maximum period of up to 6 (six) months.

Internal Closure of a TFX Rewards Account

Participation in our Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards”) is a privilege granted to Program Members and, as such, may be suspended, revoked, or terminated at any time by us for any reason. If your membership in the Rewards Program is terminated, all Membership Points associated with you and any Benefits will be forfeited immediately upon termination. If your participation in the Program is terminated due to fraudulent activity or violation of the Rewards Program Terms, in addition, to immediately forfeiting all Points and Program Benefits associated with you, you will not be able to participate or re-enter TFX Rewards again.

Changes and Termination of the Rewards Program

TFX reserves the right to change or terminate the Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards”), or any part thereof, at any time. We will notify you when a change to these Terms would result in a material change in how they function, including, without limitation, changes that:

a) determine how Points are earned;
b) the amount of Ranking Points needed to reach a given Tier;
c) the amount of Redeemable Points needed to redeem for a reward.

No Points will be earned or redeemed after the effective date of termination of the Rewards Program. Changes to these Terms will be effective for all Rewards Program Members immediately upon posting on our website. If You continue to participate in the Program after the implementation of changes and/or modifications to the Rewards Program Terms, this will be interpreted as a manifestation of your express agreement with such changes presented herein.


All interpretations of these Rewards Program Rules Terms will be at the sole discretion of TFX and decisions of TFX will be final.

Important information

TFX is not responsible for the unauthorized use of Accumulated Points. If your account is closed, you will lose all accumulated points, as provided in the previous item. TFX may, from time to time, request information from you to confirm your identity before allowing you to use your points. TFX may suspend point accrual until you comply with this request for information.

Joining the Rewards Program

By agreeing to participate in our Rewards Program (“TFX Rewards“), you will be able to enjoy discounts, referrals, newsletters, discount coupons, special conditions, and much more. Remember that partner companies and offers tend to change monthly, subject to analysis and contractual renewal between the parties. For new customers, membership is automatic for associates. Customers prior to 11/10/2018 have a special invitation to apply (“enroll”) for free in our TFX Rewards (the “Program”).