Support Policy


Our support is one of our main pillars and the highest priority for TFX. Our comprehensive support service has a range of benefits focused on market needs and for that reason, within our Support Center. In addition, there is a categorization of our support according to the customer segment, applicable to the TFX+ category, upon invitation and identification of high demands.

With our support, you can perform an update and/or upgrade easily and quickly, while receiving support on the installation, configuration, and administration of our products and services available for the international market. The excellence of TFX support differentiates us from our competitors and is an excellent investment that adds value to the IT sector, as we strive to help them in the best possible way to resolve existing security incidents in their environment.

How our Segmented Support works

Currently, the support category for each customer is linked to the associated segment, which delimits, for example:

  • Support Center:  Premium Support for all our Products and Services. There is a minimum requirement to be a member of the Personal or Business segment to benefit from differentiated support and much more;
  • TFX+: Priority Support for our Products and Services. There are some minimum requirements to become a member of TFX+ (“TFX Plus”), fit in the Business segment, and have a high volume of demands to benefit from priority support, and consulting, among other benefits upon invitation.

Our Differentiated Support

With the aim of prioritizing the quality of our support, segmentation is an excellent tool to better serve you and direct the Products, Services, and Solutions that are appropriate to your profile, programmed budget and stipulated period for the achievement of your objectives. In this way, for both parties (our company and the end user), the differentiated support allows us to exclusively serve the B2B, B2C, and B2S market with focus, punctuality, and accuracy.

Use of Products and Services

The use of TFX and the services that compose it presuppose the acceptance of this Support Policy Agreement. All TFX participants reserve the right to change this agreement without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend that you consult our support policy regularly so that you are always up to date. If you are our customer, you will receive a notification by email with the update on this Support Policy.