TFX Plus Rules

TFX Plus” or “TFX+” is a product of TFX, on behalf of our company TFX US Company, LLC, headquartered at 2880 W Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 225C, ZIP Code 33311, Florida/FL, in the United States of America (referred to as as “we”, “our” or “TFX” below). Participation in the Program is subject to these terms and conditions (“Terms”), and capitalized words not expressly defined in these Terms shall have the same meaning as is ascribed to them.

Membership in the TFX+ product is subject to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) and capitalized words not expressly defined in these Terms shall have the same meaning as is ascribed to them.

Our company offers Products and Services called Solutions and includes our solutions hub, for individuals and companies through segmentation, delimiting the target audience and who are using our solutions in accordance with the item in sequence of this regulation.

The use of our Rewards Program with enhanced points called “TFX Rewards+” implies full and unrestricted acceptance of this regulation and the conventional regulation of TFX Rewards.

TFX+” is a TFX product, which replaces the former The Platinum Service (“TPS”), valid for individual customers and legal entities in the United States of America and abroad, who meet the eligibility criteria and market niche and performance, whether national or international, in order to offer a better experience with us and exclusive benefits for our associates.

To become a customer and associate member of TFX+ through a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription, the customer needs to contact us, be invited in advance, or apply through our website through the page /. For Brazilian customers and customers in Latin America in other countries (LATAM), subscription payment will be in the currency of the TFX in Brazil. Check out our website in Brazil: For European customers, check out our website in Portugal:

For other customers abroad, the subscription will be made in US dollars through the TFX of the United States of America. Any and all requests to join TFX+ (“TFX Plus”) are subject to analysis of the technical eligibility of the client’s infrastructure, in addition to compatibility in technical and/or project specifications that will be met and linked with the TFX+ product (“TFX Plus “).

This contract will govern the use of the TFX+ service. Please read this subscription agreement (“Subscription Agreement” or “Agreement”) carefully before using the TFX+ Service (collectively “Services”).

This subscription agreement includes terms and conditions that are common to both services, as well as additional terms and conditions that may apply to only one of the services. both common terms and additional terms will be clearly identified.

For the avoidance of doubt, when the subscription agreement refers to services by name (such as TFX+ service or TFX Plus service), such reference should not be construed to include the other service.

Acceptance of the subscription agreement does not and will not be construed as involving the provision of a service that you have not chosen to subscribe to. Acceptance of the subscription agreement is limited to the service(s) to which you have subscribed.

By clicking “Agree and proceed with payment” during the registration process for the TFX+ service or any other mechanism related to this type of service, you fully and unreservedly agree to this subscription agreement and acknowledge that you have read and understood our privacy policy, confirming your agreement to enjoy any element of our service. If you do not agree to this subscription agreement, you will not be able to use the TFX+ service.

All interpretations of these TFX Plus Rules Terms shall be at the sole discretion of TFX and decisions of TFX shall be final.

TFX is not responsible for the unauthorized use of TFX+ benefits. In addition, TFX may, from time to time, request information from you to confirm your identity before allowing the use of your benefits and/or boosted points in TFX Rewards+. TFX may suspend point accrual until you comply with this request for information.

Adherence to TFX+ (“TFX Plus”) is based on the criteria established in the Eligibility item. For more information about our product and how to become our customer, visit