Know some tricks and shortcuts in Windows 11

Did you know that Windows 10 and Windows 11 have many tricks, emojis and shortcuts that can help you a lot? With that in mind, we decided to create this article to teach you how to insert emojis, GIFs and symbols with the emoji panel in Microsoft Windows. On Windows, the new emoji keyboard in Windows 10 and Windows 11 lets you express yourself like never before. To use it:

While creating text or emojis, hold the Windows key and press the do key. (point). The emoji keyboard will appear, see? Very simple. Select an emoji with your mouse or keep typing to search through the available emojis for one you like. Other ways to express yourself are also choosing between GIFs and Kaomoji.

Windows - Learn about some Windows 11 keyboard tricks and how to insert emojis

Get all symbols like a pro

Sometimes you need to type a character that is not on the keyboard, such as an em-dash (—) or the copyright symbol (©). If you have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, you don’t need to find one and copy and paste. The solution for you is:

Hold the Windows key and press the key. (dot) and then select Symbols from the emoji panel.

Some of the main symbols to use

©Copyright symbolAlt+0169
®Registered SymbolAlt+0174
§Section symbolAlt+0167
Double CrossAlt+0135
Paragraph SymbolAlt+0182
¡Upside down exclamation pointAlt+0161
¿Upside down question markAlt+0191
¢Centy DollarAlt+0162
£Pound SterlingAlt+0163
ЄEuro currency symbolAlt+0128
¥Yen (Japan)Alt+0165


Know some Windows 11 keyboard tricks and how to insert emojis
< section class="ocpSection" role="region" aria-label="Common Windows keyboard shortcuts">

Common Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows logo key + ROpens the Run command
Windows logo key + SOpen Search
Windows logo key + EOpens File Explorer
AltGuideOpens the Task Chooser, advancing with each Tab press, switching to that window on release
ShiftAltTabOpens the Task Chooser, moving backwards with each Tab press, switching to that window on release
Windows logo key + GuideSwitch to Task View, selected window will return with focus
Windows Logo Key + Up ArrowMoves up through the sequence of windows> windows> maximizedfor focused window
Windows logo key + Down arrowMoves down the sequence of Maximized> Window Mode> Minimizedto window with focus
Windows logo key + MMinimize all windows
Windows logo key + DHides or unhides the desktop
Windows logo key + IOpen Settings

Common Application Shortcuts in Windows

Note:These are common shortcuts that work most of the time, but may not work in all applications. Check your application’s documentation if you have further questions.

CtrlASelect All
CtrlNNew document
AltF4Close the program

Here at TFX, we encourage you to also support it and the Microsoft website for more details.

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