Welcome to the
new TFX Rewards

With the goal of creating a new experience for all our customers in mind, we have completely revamped our loyalty program in all eligible countries. Points still do not expire and you can exchange them for discounts and experiences.

How it Works

We separate some of the main points of our new rewards program:

Browse the benefits

All purchases made with us accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift certificates, discounts, products and services. No expiration dates and no limit on how many you can win. TFX Rewards points are easy to earn and flexible to use.

You still don’t have to worry about spending deadlines because your points never expire. There are several product options, discounts, experiences and services for you to gift yourself or surprise someone special.

TFX Rewards

Plan upgrades

Need to upgrade your TFX Cloud or TFX eCommerce server and would like a discount? Use your points to get credits!

Gift Cards

Exchange your points for gift cards for yourself or to gift a special person or company of your choice!

How about a discount?

You can also redeem your points for discounts on your monthly fee or new services.

Use the TFX+

Use your eligible points to redeem for a completely free month of TFX+, our personalized service.