Tips to grow your YouTube channel

Everyone who has a channel on YouTube dreams of one day seeing your views increase and having more hits on your videos, YouTube really is one of the most difficult platforms to grow your audience, the content format is long term, so there are some strategies that you need to take into account when putting together your planning.

YouTube Distribution

The main thing is not to depend only on Youtube to distribute your video, spread it on all the social networks that you have active. Put parts of the video on your Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other networks. Promote your new video to email, broadcast, or Telegram lists.

Routine as a YouTuber

You need to dedicate yourself to your channel and be very professional, you need to compare your YouTube channel to a TV channel, and people need to get used to your consistency on your channel. Define the times of the week when you will post your videos and your audience will get used to them, YouTube also likes this consistency and it ends up giving your channel more relevance because of this.
Tips to grow your your YouTube channel

YouTube SEO Strategy

Most people know that Youtube is not considered a social network but a video search engine. If you start studying a lot about how to better position your videos organically on the platform using SEO strategies, you will get great results.

Lives on YouTube

You need to have your audience even closer to you and really faithful to the content you are delivering, doing weekly lives answering questions and helping as much as you can be great. Creating a live on YouTube is much simpler than you might think.

Thumbnails on YouTube

The first thing that people pay more attention to in our video is the thumbnail, placing any image can make the person lose interest when watching your video. You need to create a catchy title, if you can, put a photo of yourself, even if it’s a frame of the video, and leave the colors in line with your editorial line.

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