Tips on how to earn money from YouTube

I’m sure you already know that digital professions are increasingly hot in the market, as is the case with YouTube, and one of the ways to make money online is to be a content creator relevant to your niche.

For this reason, some social networks invest in various ways to highlight the work of their creators, after all, they bring a large volume of hits to the platforms.

And that’s what happens on YouTube: the platform offers resources to help its creators grow and monetize their content.

Do you know how it is possible to have a source of income with your YouTube channel and what is needed for that?


PPY (YouTube Partner Program) is a program that gives you access to more features and functionality on the platform. Content creators have features such as 1:1 chat and technical support from the platform itself. To apply, the creator needs to meet some minimum requirements, such as being in good standing with YouTube (no videos banned for breaking rules, for example), having at least 1,000 subscribers, and having more than 4,000 hours of viewing their videos. With that done, the creator can choose ways to monetize their videos, namely:


Ads will help you earn money! You can get paid for ads that appear on your videos. YouTube Premium, a paid version of YouTube that does not display ads, can also be a source of income if the user is interested in its content. In this case, the platform pays the content creator a portion of the premium member’s fee each time he views his content.
Tips on how to earn money with YouTube

Super Chat and Super Stickers

This is an option in live-stream chats. Channel fans themselves can make donations to the creator, both to have their comment highlighted during the live and to support the channel. This way, the comment is more likely to be read by the creator, while also generating revenue from their own fans and supporters.

YouTube Shopping

Some creators have their own line of products and/or products that they want to associate with their channel. There is the possibility of making money with YouTube Shopping: just access YouTube from your store so that the products are displayed below your videos.


There is a possibility that your fans and subscribers are also your subscribers, with a monthly subscription to your channel. The monthly fees and each level of their supporters are up to the creator to choose. To do this, it is possible to provide fans with exclusive benefits subscribers, such as loyalty stickers, emojis, and exclusive content.

YouTube Shorts

To earn money via YouTube Shorts it is not necessary that you are necessarily in PPY. In this case, you just need to create relevant content for Shorts and achieve performance metrics, such as monthly views of Shorts on your channel.

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